Child Custody and Support Lawyers Miami

Disagreements over child custody are some of the most difficult and emotional disputes in our legal system. An effective child support lawyer or child custody lawyer can be a vital ally in this difficult process. At Benjamin & Melmer, LLC, we have effective and knowledgeable child support attorneys and child custody attorneys to help advocate on your behalf.

Seeking child support modification, whether upward or downward, is another difficult process that we here at Benjamin & Melmer, LLCC can help you through. Effective child support lawyers for fathers looking to modify child support can be an important factor in understanding the often-confusing statutes surrounding this area of the law. An effective family law attorney in child custody matters will always listen to their clients concerns and wishes, while giving sound and comprehensive advice. We here at Benjamin & Melmer, LLC, will do our best to be that effective guide and zealous advocate throughout the process.