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[Translate] In 1994, the US Congress passed, with bi-partisan agreement, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). This Act, signed by President Bill Clinton, became the first Federal legislation to tackle the issue of domestic violence in the United States. Although certainly not perfect, this Act gave Federal resources and recognition to law enforcement’s efforts to […]

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Florida’s Putative Father Registry

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[Translate] While most people are unfamiliar with Florida’s putative father registry, any unmarried biological father would be well served to learn as much as they can about it. The best way to think about the putative father registry is that it is a database of unmarried biological fathers. The purpose for filing a “claim” with […]

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Summer Doesn’t Have to Mean Conflict With Your Ex

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[Translate] It’s that time of year again in South Florida. The days are longer, the weather hotter and the afternoon’s wetter. Summer is here. That also means summer vacation for the children is upon us. For divorced parents, this time also means heightened stress and potential conflict with your ex-spouse. However, this does not have […]

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Biological Father’s Paternity Battle Heard In Florida Supreme Court

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[Translate] The Florida Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in a Florida man’s legal battle to gain paternity rights toward his biological daughter. The man is the biological father of the young girl, but the child’s Mother was married to another man at the time of her birth. The Mother’s legal Husband wants to maintain […]

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Prosecutors Seek Jail for Good Samaritan

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[Translate] Prosecutors have immense power. That fact is demonstrated every day in courthouses throughout America. One such instance came in Palm Beach County, where a witness and good Samaritan who thwarted an attempted purse-snatching, was before a criminal judge charged with contempt of court. The good Samaritan, Corey Wyatt, chased down and caught a purse-snatcher […]

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