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[Translate] It’s that time of year again in South Florida. The days are longer, the weather hotter and the afternoon’s wetter. Summer is here. That also means summer vacation for the children is upon us. For divorced parents, this time also means heightened stress and potential conflict with your ex-spouse. However, this does not have […]

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Biological Father’s Paternity Battle Heard In Florida Supreme Court

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[Translate] The Florida Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in a Florida man’s legal battle to gain paternity rights toward his biological daughter. The man is the biological father of the young girl, but the child’s Mother was married to another man at the time of her birth. The Mother’s legal Husband wants to maintain […]

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Prosecutors Seek Jail for Good Samaritan

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[Translate] Prosecutors have immense power. That fact is demonstrated every day in courthouses throughout America. One such instance came in Palm Beach County, where a witness and good Samaritan who thwarted an attempted purse-snatching, was before a criminal judge charged with contempt of court. The good Samaritan, Corey Wyatt, chased down and caught a purse-snatcher […]

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Avoiding Child Support Leads To Serious Legal Trouble

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[Translate] Recently, a Broward County man mysteriously disappeared while paddle-boarding in the Atlantic Ocean. George Theoharis disappeared on March 20, 2018, the very same day he was set to appear in Family Court to answer for allegations from his ex-Wife that he owed nearly half a million dollars in back child support payments. This disappearance […]

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