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Why Should You Choose Benjamin & Melmer, LLC?

When your family, freedom or future are at stake, you need an attorney that is dedicated to providing clients with exception litigation services.  Here at Benjamin & Melmer, LLC we have the expertise of a large firm, yet offer personalized service you can only find at a boutique law office. 


We understand that experienced, passionate advocacy positively impacts the course of our client's lives.  Our small size and team approach allow us to ensure excellent representation to every client. The best child custody lawyers listen to their client’s concerns and always makes sure they make the client a part of the solution-finding process. It is always reassuring to be able to say, “I have a good divorce lawyer near me,” throughout the divorce process. 


About Us

David L. Benjamin, Esq. and Mark P. Melmer, Esq. both served as prosecutors here in Miami-Dade County, handling thousands of cases at both the misdemeanor and felony level.  David L. Benjamin, Esq. served as the Chief of the Domestic Violence Unit and Mark P. Melmer, Esq. served as a supervisor in Domestic Violence Unit.  They have extensive knowledge regarding how the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office makes filing decisions, negotiates plea agreements and determines what cases to pursue all the way to trial.  This experience and insight make them formidable advocates.  Furthermore, they spent a great deal of time in Miami-Dade County’s Family Courthouse, in their efforts to prosecute and prevent domestic violence through the State Attorney’s Domestic Violence Unit.  Let us use our experience to aid you in making some of your most difficult decisions.