Bill Allowing Breaking of Lease Without Penalty for Domestic Violence Victims a Step in the Right Direction

March 12, 2018  |   Posted by :   |   Uncategorized   |   0 Comments

The Georgia House of Representatives recently passed House Bill 834, which would eliminate early termination penalties for victims of domestic violence who break a lease. The proposed law would allow the termination of a residential lease 30 days after providing a landlord written notice of the issuance of a protective injunction for the protection of […]

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The Connection Between Domestic Violence and Mass Shootings

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While many states, including Florida, have temporary bans on firearm possession and ownership for individuals who have active domestic violence injunctions, Oregon recently took things a bit further by passing legislature that would outright ban anyone with a domestic violence or stalking conviction from ever buying or owning a firearm. With the number of mass […]

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The Need to Manage Client Expectations in Family Law Cases

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Anyone who has ever done or sat in on a consultation for a potential family law client knows the importance of managing a client’s expectation from the onset.  Inevitably there will always be those potential clients who are looking for the moon and the stars and are unrealistic with regards to their desired outcome.  While […]

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Eddy Piniero to the Rescue – A Gator’s Fight Against Domestic Violence

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As a life-long fan of the Florida Gators, it always fills me with pride to say that I am a part of the Gator Nation. I received both my undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Florida, and my Wife, Father and Sister are all Gator Alums. However, I take to this forum today […]

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What to do When the Other Parent isn’t Exercising Their Timesharing

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Some people might not see this as a problem, particularly in high conflict relationships.  You don’t have to deal with the other parent and you have a monopoly on your child’s time.   However, there are some real considerations, chief among them is whether the other parent, despite not exercising their time-sharing, is still getting credit […]

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